The VisuALL is a VR visual field perimeter designed for standardized and mobile assessment of the visual field. VisuALL automatically analyzes the retinal sensitivity in patients with Glaucoma and other visual disorders. VisuALL enables the examination of multiple patients at a time increasing office productivity.


But our platform is much more than just a portable perimeter. We strive to offer a unique multi-test system that includes a growing number of tests. The following are already available:

  • Visual Field:
    • All common protocols e.g. 24-2, 10-2, 30-2, etc).
    • Testing time is about 3 minutes for threshold and 45 seconds for screening.
    • 24-2c protocol which combines 24-2 and key 10-2 locations.
    • Ptosis.
    • Esterman.
  • Visual Acuity (near and far acuity).
  • Color Vision (D-15).
  • Pediatrics Visual Field.
  • Contrast Sensitivity.
  • LCVA (Low Contrast Visual Acuity).
  • Many more tests in the works 🙂



  • Automated comprehensive eye examination suite.
  • Pupillometry.
  • Extraocular motility.
  • Visual field with Eye Tracking.




We have two main products:

  • VisuALL ETS: For office use. Includes everything that’s in VisuALL S plus: Eye tracking, pupil function, ocular motility testing and automated comprehensive eye examination suite.
  • VisuALL S: For office use.



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About Us

“At Olleyes we have a mission: Making eyecare productive and personalized”

— Dr. Gonzalez Garcia. CEO


Olleyes was created by a visionary neuro-ophthalmologist and a group of professionals who saw the necessity of making eye-care accessible and personalized. We make intuitive and easy to use products, equipped with artificial intelligence, virtual reality (VR), eye tracking and proprietary algorithms to make the eye evaluation faster and more reliable.



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Olleyes VisuALL Field is extremely versatile and portable. This allows practices to be able to easily adapt to the current social distancing guidelines and keep patients safe while at the same time providing extremely accurate results (the manuscript with the Will’s Eye Hospital study results has been accepted for publication in a leading peer reviewed glaucoma journal).



“The VisuALL Field Analyzer was at least as good as, if not better than the Humphrey. The portability of the device allows it to be used in home-based settings, where many more tests could be done over time, potentially leading to earlier detection of glaucoma progression.”


Dr. Reza Razeghinejad from Will’s Eye Hospital validation study (read full article here)




Enhancing productivity is a key goal of the system. At the Wills Eye Hospital Glaucoma Service, Dr. Jonathan Myers has been able to increase the number of tests conducted daily by 50% with the use of two in-house devices (read Dr. Myers full article here)




Dr. Bloomenstein shares his experience using the Olleyes Perimetry platform:


“In April 2020, I started engaging patients in this visual field analyzer from the chair in the lane, the waiting room, and, for a few patients, at their car. Sadly, our most vulnerable patients for COVID-19 are also our highest percentage of patients with glaucoma.


Our practice will provide VisuALL fields at home visits or in the waiting room to free up space. Aside from the results being consistent with a big-box visual field, my patients are impressed with virtual reality and the ability to clean the unit for their safety.”


Full Article from Dr. Bloomenstein

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Would like a copy of the published Wills Eye Hospital Journal Of Glaucoma validation study?

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