VisuALL is easily disinfected in less than one minute. Patients can be efficiently and safely evaluated, helping you open your doors confidently.

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Patients and staff love the safe
and easy-to use VisuALL

Experience eye-care like never before with artificial intelligence, virtual reality and proprietary algorithms

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Ultra high definition (4K)

The only headset on the market using such advanced technology.

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Standardized health-grade hardware

Designed for medical purpose not off-the-shelf headset.

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Easy to disinfect

Health-grade headsets that quickly disinfect in 1 minute.

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Multi testing platform

Visual Field Test and Visual Acuity.

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Pediatrics protocols

Animated and kid friendly perimetry.

Clinically validated in the USA

FDA registered and certified by Scientific Advisory Board.

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Olleyes was founded by a visionary group of professionals who saw the necessity for making eye-care efficient and accessible. Olleyes creates a full experience that combines intuitive, easy to use products equipped with artificial intelligence, virtual reality and proprietary algorithms to make the eye evaluation faster and more reliable.
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